Not Really Her Loss

Grant Dorland, Co-Editor

Drake’s new collaboration album Her Loss with 21 Savage is very much a loss. 21 Savage took a backseat in many of the songs and tried a new style of rap that did not work.

“Rich Flex” starts off the album in a horrible way. The TikTok-styled beginning sets the tone for the rest of the album. Within the first two minutes of the song, we hear three beat changes that completely change style with every beat.

The best slow song of the album was “Middle of the Ocean” the Certified lover boy styled song left me questioning why there wasn’t more like this on the rest of the album. Although I thought 21 Savage didn’t have the worst performance he could’ve had on the album it’s astounding the best song on the album was the only song that features Drake by himself.

“Broke Boys” was the only other good song of the sixteen on the album. 21 Savage carried his weight on his part of the song, coupled with nice transitions and a very solid verse from Drake it’s worth the listen.

Aside from the two songs I’ve previously mentioned there is nothing else that sticks out to me. The Travis Scott feature is below average and disappointing just like the album.

After we heard “Jimmy Cooks” on Honestly Nevermind an album Drake released earlier this year Her Loss had lofty expectations that it did not reach. The album barely deserves a 6.8/10.