Lick-Ity Split: Consider this Cream


Photo by Karlie Carter/Courtesy Photo

Sunset at Lick-ity Split. The view is often this scenic from the outside of the parlor.

Harper McNamara, Staff Writer

Of all the places one can get ice cream in Grand Ledge, Lick-ity Split is the soft serve Mecca. The only competition in the whole town is surprisingly the subpar Corner Cone, located just over the bridge from Lick-ity Split. But to most Grand Ledge residents, Lick-ity Split is clearly a superior ice cream parlor.

For one, the service at Corner Cone is significantly slower compared to the laid back, but comparably faster, turn-around at Lick-ity Split. Lick-ity Split, a far busier and more popular option, manages to push out more ice cream in a faster amount of time than the lackluster and idle Corner Cone.

“Corner Cone is slow,” says Junior, Cole Harkins.

“If you’re looking for faster service, go to Lickety Split,” says Senior, Cam Roberts.

It is also notable that the soft-serve at Lick-ity far surpasses that of Corner Cone. Corner Cone’s soft-serve ice cream is typically described as having less flavor when compared to the rich flavor and overall better quality of the ice cream at Lick-ity Split. And, despite the fact that Corner Cone is known to put more toppings on their ice cream, oftentimes so many additives can be overwhelming and completely suppress the little flavor found in Corner Cone’s soft-serve. 

“Lick-ity Split has a superior ice-to-cream ratio,” said Ethan Cisler, a GLHS Junior, when asked about the difference in quality. “Their ice cream is far firmer compared to the disgusting slop served at Corner Cone.” 

“I definitely Lick-ity Split’s ice cream,” says junior, Rob Miller. “Their ice cream got me through some hard times.”

But the most obvious question in this debate is a simple, yet extremely important one: who has the best prices? The answer is surprising. Typically, the cheapest option is one of the worst quality. However, on average Lick-ity split is a far cheaper choice.

To be fair, Corner Cone has admittedly one quality: the storefront. But even this is debatable. Most people look at the two stores and decide that Corner Cone has a better storefront and this might be true. Corner Cone is cleaner, they have a better parking lot, and they even have a statue of a vanilla ice cream cone. Regardless, I believe Lick-ity Split is far nicer. I, for one, can appreciate the grimy 1950s, right-next-to-Preston’s Bar- style of Lick-ity Split. And I think that most students would agree that Lick-ity Split has a far more nostalgic quality than Corner Cone, a prim and insignificant parlor.

“I can’t contain my nostalgic and loving relationship with Lick-ity Split,” said Jasper Nolan, a GLHS Junior, in an interview.

Overall, I think that a majority of students and Grand Ledge would agree that Lick-ity Split is ultimately a better option than Corner Cone for a broad range of reasons: Service, quality, price, and arguably storefront.

In the words of senior Cameron Roberts: “Corner Cone: one star. Lick-ity Split: five stars.”