Which Ice Cream Would you Scream For?


Photo by Hannah Perri

This is Corner Cone. A customer is in line to buy some delicious ice cream.

Michaela Obrien, Staff Writer

 Corner Cone is a family-friendly place to go get some soft serve ice cream and have a good time talking and laughing. They have a nice environment and their location is easy to find.  They are close to the island and it is in the middle of town which is nice.

“I go there with family and friends all the time,” Conner Gullett, a junior at GLHS, said. “It is close to my house, so it is very convenient for us.”

Most people who live in Grand Ledge  can walk to Corner Cone because it is in the heart of the town.

Lick-ity split also serve soft-serve ice cream, but it is not the same quality as Corner Cone’s soft serve ice cream. Although some students prefer Lick-ity Split because is closer, Corner Cone has better soft serve ice cream because it is always fresh and chilled to perfection. Their customer service is also really good, which is shown by the way they treat their customers with respect and they always listen to them.  They make sure to get their order right and they make it fast for the customer.

“They are fast about getting the customers their ice cream and it is really nice because the ice cream is not that melted,” Gullett said.

    Lick-ity Split is more laid back and slow about getting people their ice cream, which is in direct contrast to Corner Cone’s quick service. They also have many good flavors to choose from they have any kind of twist you want, popsicles,  sundaes, flavored bursts, and any special ice creams like banana split.

    “I like the blue raspberry and strawberry flavor burst,” Averie Gordan, another junior, said. Compared to Corner Cone, Lick-ity Split’s ice cream is not as flavorful and soft. Corner Cone provides a friendly environment and multiple ice cream options, making it the perfect place to enjoy some great soft serve ice cream. Out of Corner Cone and Lick-ity Split, I think Corner Cone is better because of the environment and the soft serve ice cream.

“Corner Cone is so much nicer than Lick-ity Spilt because it is not on a main road and it is a lot quieter to enjoy some soft serve ice cream,” Gordan said.