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Brayden is 16 years old and has lived his life in Grand Ledge, Michigan his whole life. He has 4 siblings, 2 sisters and 2 brothers and is the oldest of the 5. Most of the things he does on his free time consist of gaming, hanging out with friends or spending his days at the hockey rink. He is a big family guy and is always in the spotlight, as he always tries to have a happy encouraging attitude. His family describe him as a smart, loving and outgoing guy that is always working hard to succeed. Now that you know a little bit about Brayden, we asked him about what a normal day consist of he said “ I wake up around 8 or 9 depending on the day, I eat breakfast and after that I Play Xbox or go outside and work out. Usually when it hits 1-2 I start preparing for hockey, by drinking my protein shake or just simply chilling out till hockey. After hockey I go home and play xbox and go to bed.” As you can tell Brayden’s normal day isn't a busy one, but he enjoys it. We also asked him what hockey meant to him. Here was his response:
“ Hockey to me is more than just a game its a way of life . All the brotherhoods and friendships I have made from this sport is incredible, this sport physically and mentally challenges you every time you take a step on the ice and it'sits the best feeling.”
Brayden is fully committed to hockey and is ready for anything hockey brings to him. If you cannot tell, Brayden loves hockey and is very hard working. The last question we asked Brayden was, who is your biggest inspiration and this is what he said “ My uncle is my biggest inspiration because he played hockey too and is always working hard and got a college scholarship. , Nnow, he is an accountant and is very successful.” Brayden is all about family, friends and hockey and that'sthats his life!


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