Lines in the Sand

Michigan is home to not one but two Big 10 Universities and in the world of college football that can create some divisions in the fans. The Comets’ Tale is no exception. Due to Grand Ledge’s geographical closeness to East Lansing many of the staff are MSU fans but some U of M fans are still represented. Here is our take on the divide.

The MSU vs. U of M football game is always a highlight to the college football season in Michigan.

The MSU vs. U of M football game is always a highlight to the college football season in Michigan.

University of Michigan Fans

Olivia Vanderlaan:

I have been a University of Michigan fan ever since I can remember. My dad grew up as one and taught me to be one as well. And while that is how my love for the University of Michigan started, over the years I made it my own. It is definitely hard being a U of M fan living so close to MSU’s campus, I have been called names and made fun of for wearing my University of Michigan gear. After losses, I have to prepare myself for the comments I know I am going to hear. It comes with the territory of living near the campus. Not all fans have treated me badly, some are very respectful to me and I really appreciate that. Even though it can be a struggle to be a U of M fan in Lansing, I could not imagine rooting for any other team. Go Blue!

Grant Dorland:

I have been a fan of the University of Michigan my entire life. Growing up my life consisted of weekly visits to the Big House with my whole family.Me and my brother would wake up at 5:30 every morning to tailgate with my dad and uncle. The most exciting moments of my life happened in the front parking lot of Pioneer high school waiting for those big MSU match-ups at the Big House. Although my younger years of life were filled with losing seasons maize and blue flows through my veins. 

Hunter Moore:

I have been a University of Michigan fan since I could speak. My father and his dad and grandpas before were all Michigan fans. Even though sometimes they like to make us all a little mad, we still always support them. They always seem to be favored to win games and we bet on those games and they always blow it. We tried to go to as many games as possible. We always support them even after they loose our money because they are always gonna be our #1 team.

Michigan State University Fans

Evan Dean:

I have been an MSU fan since I was little. My dad has always been a U of M fan and tried to get me to be one when I was growing up, but I decided to be an MSU fan to annoy him, and it stuck. Being an MSU fan isn’t always easy but I love my team. Some of my favorite memories as a fan are the “ Oh and he has trouble with the snap” game, our multiple Final Four appearances in basketball over the last 10 years, and beating Duke in the NCAA Tournament semi-finals to make it to the Final Four.

Maryn Davies:

I became a Michigan State University fan because that is what my family supported. My dad graduated from MSU so that is where the love for the team originated. It has always been very competitive when they play all their games and I feel like I couldn’t support another team because this was how I grew up. On big games like MSU v U of M, and MSU v OSU it is a tradition that my whole family gets together to watch those games.

Brayden Bartlett:

State has always been what my family has liked and gone to so I just stuck with it. There were some games where we would have parties because of how big the game was. Every time there’s a Michigan State football game I know all about it because of my family.

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