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Evan Dean, Staff Writer

“Evan is a kind, funny, and compassionate person”, said his girlfriend Erynn. In my long-term study on Evan Dean, I have found out many things about him. He grew up in Grand Ledge, Michigan,  and was raised by two sets of parents starting at age 5 when his parents divorced. He has many passions including technology, music, and playing video games. When I asked Evan who his mentor is he answered Elon Musk when asked why he stated “Elon is a huge inspiration to me, he is a man that when he sets his mind to something he doesn’t give up. When Elon first started Tesla instead of renting an apartment to live in, he and his brother rented an office together. They ran their website during the day and Elon coded at night. When they needed sleep they slept in the office. Elon is quoted as saying “I had a girlfriend at the time and if she wanted to spend the night with me she would have to sleep in the office”. Elon has always been an inspiration to me for so many reasons but the main one is his work ethic and never give up attitude”. Evan loves to hang out with his friends who he calls “The Boys”. He and his friends play sports together, play videogames together, and go out in public and do dumb stuff together. Evan’s favorite sports consist of football and basketball. When I asked Evan about his college plans he said he hopes to attend Michigan State University for Computer Science. When asked about what he plans to do after college he stated: “ I think starting out I will find a good paying IT job and once I get to a point that I’m comfortable in life I want to start my own business and let loose the creative spirit in me”. Evan is a very interesting person who likes to socialize just as much as he likes to have his alone time. Overall my study on Evan has been very beneficial to me in learning so much about him and I hope the piece I wrote shows you a little bit about him.

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Evan Dean