The Lions Traditional Thanksgiving Game

The Lions Traditional Thanksgiving Game

    Every year on Thanksgiving day the Lions have their traditional Thanksgiving game. The Lions are one of the only NFL teams who have consecutively played every Thanksgiving. This year the Lions play the Houston Texans. The Texans and Lions have met only four times in the teams’ series history. CBS will air the Lions’ 81st Thanksgiving Day game to a national audience.

    The tradition of The Lions playing on Thanksgiving Day started in 1934. The owner, George A. Richards, decided to play on the holiday to attract more fans to come watch. Richards was known for his marketing strategies and this game was a hit, many fans were intrigued. Ever since 1978, the Lions have hosted a game on Thanksgiving Day.

    My family and I are Detroit Lions fans and, although they are not the best sometimes, we can’t give up on them. Every year it is a tradition to get the family together and celebrate the holiday with the traditional football game. While dinner is cooking we all sit in the living room and watch the game. The odds are normally not in favor of the Lions, but no matter what, it is our tradition to watch the game.

    This year things are a little different with COVID-19 affecting not only America, but the whole world. Many precautions are being taken to make this game possible this year amidst all the chaos. The game this year prohibits fans from attending the game for safety reasons. An extensive emergency order has been put in place over the next three weeks, but the restrictions won’t prevent the Lions from playing.

    This game is special to the State of Michigan because not all teams get to play on this holiday. Many families share traditions that they celebrate on this big game day. This isn’t your ordinary game, and it gets competitive, but our team is lucky enough to have this Thanksgiving Day tradition.