The Comets' Tale

Cole Bennett
Recently, I, Cole Bennett, had the esteemed privilege of sitting down with Cole Bennett and asking him about his incredibly fascinating life. He gave me insight on the lifestyle of a very amateur writer/professional procrastinator, a self-appointed title that he claims, “pretty much sums it up, yeah.” He added, “ and the acronym is PP.” before laughing just a bit too hard. Aside from having the mental maturity of a child, Cole is a rather interesting guy. He’s very passionate about his opinions, as well as his interests and disinterests. He would go on rants and rambles about why more people should appreciate Edgar Wright for the “fantastic filmmaker and person that he is”, or why "basically all small dogs are just demons in disguise. Big dogs are misunderstood, it's the tiny ones you need to watch out for." For context on that second quote, I had asked him what his favorite song was, and I still don't know how we got to that point, especially since he never even answered the question.


Such a creative, unique, and amazing person such as yourself has to have a role model, right? Who would that be?


“I have a few. In my family, my parents and my uncle. My mom and dad because they’ve raised me and taught me about life and stuff, so I definitely look up to them, and uh, my dad as well as my uncle because they prove that, and I don’t mean this in a bad way at all, you can still kinda be a kid as an adult. It's cool to have like, a grown person be excited about movies and new gadgets and stuff like that. It gives me hope that being an adult doesn't mean just taxes and coffee and like, boring stuff. Another role model I have who is more of a celebrity, is Marc Bernardin. He’s an entertainment journalist and a writer. He’s involved a lot in the sorta behind-the-scenes aspects of Hollywood, hosting panels, writing for the EW, chilling with Kevin Smith, being awesome, and so on. If there were one description of where I want to be in 20 years, that would pretty much be it.”


Speaking of goals, what’s something you would like to accomplish by the end of High School?


“Oh uh, probably finish up some fun projects I'm making. I'm writing a fake Hallmark movie out of boredom, plus I have this short film that I want to shoot, but I need a school bus in order to do it, and uh, those aren’t really around right now, so… But yeah, aside from that uh, do well enough in my classes so I can get into MSU, maybe get a lead role in the musical as a Senior, and y’know, have some fun before my childhood is uh, violently ripped away from me.”


What sort of hobbies and activities do you like, aside from writing and drawing?


“I like running, but not competitively. It’s too stressful. I also like to read, though I’m a bit burnt out after reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma and Brandwashed back to back over three weeks. I mean, uh, not that I put it off or anything. Hi Mrs. Rios. Anyways, sometimes if I’m bored, I build big card castles too. Listening to music doesn’t count as a hobby by itself, but I listen to it while I’m running or drawing, or doing any boring activity that can be made better by The Foo Fighters, which is basically any activity. So I guess music is like, a hobby amplifier? I dunno.”


If you could describe yourself in five words, what would they be, and why?


“Relaxed, committed, fun, eccentric, energetic. Relaxed because it’s all you can be anymore. If you’re taking everything seriously, there are too many things to take seriously, and then you just get stressed out, and nothing good comes from it. Just sit back and watch the world end with a smile instead, it’s much easier. That’s not to say I don’t care about serious issues, but I understand the line between where I’m capable of helping, and where it’s out of my control; the latter applies more often. Committed, because it’s the way to get things done. If I don’t like it, but it needs to get done, moping about it just makes it worse, so I suck it up, get it done, and move on without that extra burden weighing on me. Fun, because like relaxing, it's a great way to sweep the whole “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!” mentality under the rug and at least enjoy it while it lasts, so that’s what I do. Eccentric is like being committed to your own interests. I mean, I have a pretty large collection of pop culture memorabilia around my room, and it’s because I’m passionate about entertainment. I could have easily written this profile piece without all the jokes and things, but I wouldn’t be as satisfied with the final product because it’s just not me! And energetic, for basically all of those reasons. It actually takes quite a bit of effort to not freak out every time I read the news. It takes time to fix all of the Lego figures that fall whenever I stub my toe on my flimsy desk. It takes a lot of energy to be excited about trivial things, to write profile pieces with flair, to be critical about equally trivial things, and to basically be myself. So yeah, I guess I've got lots of energy.

Cole Bennett, Entertainment Writer

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Cole Bennett